Artful Conversations


Artful Conversations has been specially developed to equip early childhood (EC) educators to develop young children's appreciation of art in their visits to the National Gallery Singapore.

The resource kit comprises an introductory booklet and a set of eight activity cards. EC educators will be able to plan enriching and holistic learning experiences with a focus on art based on the key learning areas outlined in the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Kindergarten Curriculum Framework. There are also tips on how EC educators and families can work together to further enhance the children's experience at the Gallery.

Some centres are already planning learning journeys to the Gallery using Artful Conversations. Please email us your centre's learning journey stories and experiences at the Gallery to

Click on the images below to download the introductory booklet and activity cards.

Artful Conversations - Introductory Booklet

Artful Conversations Resource Booklet


Activity Cards 1-4

Artful Conversations Activity Cards 1-4


Activity Cards 5-8

Artful Conversations Activity Cards 5-8