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      RS 0-3 Secti​​o​n

In line with national effort to further raise the quality of preschools, the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) has developed the Zero-to-Three (0-3) section of the Quality Rating Scale (QRS) in 2018. 

This section of the QRS covers Early Childhood programmes for children between two months and three years old. It has the same scoring system as the QRS (4-6), but varies in its requirements based on the developmental needs of children in this age group. It focuses on caring for children and faciliating their learning through play. 


There are two criteria:

  • Early Years Learning Environment, and
  • Early Years Learning and Development


With inclusion of this 0-3 section, the QRS instrument will now provide quality assurance for preschools, with services for children from 0-6 years old. From 2020, SPARK assessments for both new applications and renewal of certification will include QRS (0-3).