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Discussions in this forum reflect the views of participants and not the opinion of CDN. CDN will not be held responsible for the threads started and views expressed. However, CDN reserves the right to remove topics or postings that are deemed inappropriate, irrelevant and/or insensitive to other users. The CDN discussion forum is not a platform for personal attacks, threats, insults, advertisements or derogatory remarks about fellow participants and/or others. Vulgarities in content and usernames will also not be allowed. There should be civil and respectful discourse among participants. Participants who flout our Terms of Use will be warned and if they continue to do so, they will be barred from participating in the forums.
Due to the active nature of the Discussion Forum, the discussion threads will remain open for a period of at least one month to make way for new threads created by netizens. However, CDN reserves the right to exercise flexibility for threads which are inactive and those which see active participation. We would also like to remind participants to quote the source when posting materials lifted from external sources.
We look forward to constructive, lively and robust discussions in our forums. While we strive to manage our forums with a light touch, we still need to ensure that the discussions do not degenerate into petty quarrels and/or bickerings.
Thank you for your understanding and participation in our Discussion Forum.