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I hope to inspire more passionate individuals to join this meaningful career of nurturing little children. Ms Thomasina Ann-Marie Kwok Pui FanECDA Training Award Recipient

ECDA Scholarship Recipient - Thomsina Ann-Marie Kwok Pui Fan

​Ms Thomasina Ann-Marie Kwok Pui Fan is an ECDA Scholarship Recipient and a Vice Principal at Summer Montessori. Ms Thomasina, aged 27, completed her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Psychology at the Singapore University of Social Sciences.​
Ms Thomasina Ann-Marie Kwok 

Growing up as the eldest of five children in the family, I was comfortable interacting with and caring for young children. When I was 16, I faced the common dilemma of what to pursue after my ‘O’ Level exams. I recalled my parents initiating the big ‘life’ talk with me then. Their advice? “Pursue something that would bring meaning and fulfilment above material pursuits”. I thought it made a lot of sense, so after thinking about my strengths and interests, I decided to follow my passion in Early Childhood Education by taking up the Diploma in Early Childhood Education at Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP). I knew that good role models were so important in one’s formative years and it excited me to be one for the little ones. It has been 8 years since I graduated from NP and joined the sector, and even in my current role as Vice-Principal in Summer Montessori, I face different challenges and learn new things daily.

When I was a junior teacher, I sometimes found it difficult to apply what I had learnt into the classroom. My mentors constantly inspired and encouraged me, giving me advice and suggestions on how to improve at my job, and supporting me when I faced challenges at work. I soon learnt that adaptation was essential to bridge theory and practice. My supervisors also helped me overcome my personal inadequacies and develop a repertoire of skills as an Early Childhood educator. Throughout my career, I picked up different teaching strategies by observing my mentors and other educators. Having experienced first-hand the support and guidance I received from my mentors, I firmly believe that good mentorship inspires and boosts one’s professional and personal growth. I constantly remind myself to reflect, so that I can become a better teacher for my children and mentor to the junior teachers. As I did my reflection, I realised that I needed to know more. I decided to pursue my Bachelor’s degree and was fortunate to be given the ECDA Scholarship. The scholarship not only supported me financially, but also motivated me to be a better role model and educator. While juggling work, family and studies at the same time is no easy feat, I find myself enjoying being a student once again, with more time to read, think and delve deeper into various issues with my classmates and lecturers.

As I continue my career in early childhood, I hope to put my learning into practice and contribute to my centre’s growth in the areas of mentoring, curriculum, pedagogy and staff development. I also hope that I can inspire more passionate individuals to join this meaningful career of nurturing little children and shaping young minds.

​​​​ Ms Thomasina Ann-Marie Kwok Ms Thomasina Ann-Marie Kwok ​