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The Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) Educarers’ Guide

​​The Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) Educarers’ Guide is a handy guide comprising of best practices, activities and tips on child development for the early years. With contributions from Early Childhood educators and experts, this guide was specially written as a useful resource for educarers.

  • The EYDF Educarers’ Guide includes theories behind the suggested practices and their relevance in supporting children’s development.
  • It also provides practical tips and activities that you can try out with the children.

We hope this guide will help you in reflecting and improving on your own practices as an educarer. Centre leaders are also welcome to use it when leading your teams in professional discussions.

Do drop us your feedback at ​ so that we can continue to sha​pe, enhance and improve this guide for the benefit of you and our little ones!​

Download the EYDF Educarers' Guide here:

Early Years Development Framework Educarers' Guide 2017