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Beanstalk Issue 36 (Jul-Sep 2022)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All Hands On Tech​​​​​


  1. EDITOR'S NOTE - Transforming the Early Years
  2. FOCUS - On the Right Tech
  3. ​EC LANDSCAPE - Language Tools, ​All Tech-ed Out
  4. MY TEACHER, MY SCHOOL - ​ All In A Day's Work, Leading Light, ​A Space To Create, ​App-solutely Essential
  7. THRIVE - The Art Of Immersion, Cherry On Top, Through The Lens​​
  8. WELLNESS - 5 Tips To Keep Children Safe Online
  9. MAILBAG - We've Got Mail!
  10. FUNTIMES - Life In The Future

Please click on the image below for the full PDF.​

Beanstalk Issue 36 Cover Image 

​ ​Beanstalk Digital Extension​ ​

​In this issue of ​the Beanstalk Magazine, we hear from Ms Lean Wei Lin, English Teacher at ChildFirst @ Tampines on the digital tools she picked up and used in her classroom. Find out the​ practical tips she has to offer on how f​ellow educators can go digital too! We have​ also invited the children, their teacher and vice-principal of Posso Preschool @ West Coast Rise and the digital solution they have adopted in the centre using the Early Childhood Digitalisation Grant. Find out more about the grant at

ChildFirst Ms Lean sharing on digital tools 
Check out what Ms Lean from ChildFirst @ Tampines has to share on the use of digital tools​​ here!
Posso preschool at West Coast Rise sharing 
Discover the benefits of digital solution with Posso Preschool @ West Coast Rise​ here!