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Beanstalk Magazine Issue 35 (Apr - Jun 2022)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Values to Live By​​​​​


  1. EDITOR'S NOTE - Grounded In Healthy Values
  2. FOCUS - Values System
  3. EC LANDSCAPE - Boosting Quality And Support,Family Comes First​
  4. MY TEACHER, MY SCHOOL - Classroom For All,Striking A Rapport,Compassion In Action
  5. INNOVATION AND RESEARCH - Embracing Differences, Second Nature
  7. THRIVE - Nurturing Nature, Layer Up, Home Grown​​
  8. WELLNESS - 5 Tips To Start A Gratitude Journal
  9. MAILBAG - We've Got Mail!
  10. FUNTIMES - Roll For Respect
​Please click on the image below for the full PDF.​
Beanstalk Issue 35 Cover Image 

Beanstalk Digital Extension

​In this issue of ​the Beanstalk Magazine, we collaborated with ECDA Fellow Mrs Ang-Oh Chui Hwa to develop a BINGO game​ ​which features age appropriate activities focusing on children's social and emotional development! W​e also ​invited Ms Michelle and Ms Rohaini from Active Learners Child Care to share how they scaffolded their presc​hoolers' socio-emotional skills during spontaneous moments which occurred outside of class time!​​​

Download the BINGO game ​here​.​​
Hear from Ms Michelle and Ms Rohaini from Active Learners Child Care in an exclusive IG video ​here.