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Beanstalk Issue 34 (Jan - Mar 2022)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Nurturing a Growth Mindset - Supporting children's well-being as they cope with transitions​​​​​


  1. EDITOR'S NOTE - Staying Well During Transitions
  2. FOCUS - Growing In Times Of Change
  3. EC LANDSCAPE - Changes For The Better, Chasing School Blues Away​
  4. MY TEACHER, MY SCHOOL - Pursuing A Purpose, A Decade Of SPARK, ​​Top Notch
  5. INNOVATION AND RESEARCH - Digital Edge, Fun With Transitions
  7. THRIVE - ​ Future Proof, Juice It Up, Breathe Easy​​
  8. WELLNESS - 5​ Tips To Raise A Kind Child
  9. MAILBAG - We've Got Mail!
  10. FUNTIMES - My Happy Place
​ ​​​​Please click on the image below for the full PDF.​
Beanstalk Issue 34 Cover Image 

Beanstalk Digital Extension

​In this issue of ​the Beanstalk Magazine, ECDA Scholarship Recipient Ms Yvonne Law, challenges fellow EC educators to rest and recharge as part of the new #ECSelfCare101 Series. We also invited Ms Nancy Lee-Wong from Jenan Consulting ​to share some practical tips on how parents can support infants through their transitional milestones!

Yvonne and ECselfcare101 
Check out Ms Yvonne's #ECSelfCare101 challenge on our Beanstalk Instagram here!
Nancy and Infants transition for parents and tips 
Check out the tips provided by Ms Nancy Lee-Wong on how parents can support their infants through transitional milestones​ via our Facebook​ here!