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Beanstalk Issue 16 (Jul - Sep 2017)

​​The First 1,000 Days - Building Solid Foundations for Optimal Health, Growth and Neuro-Development in the Early Years.


  1. FOCUS - The First 1,000 Days
  2. IN THE NEWS - Building a Strong Foundation in Bilingualism; Inspiring Leadership: Nurturing the Future
  3. EC LANDSCAPE - Instilling Positive Values in Children; The Joys of Fellowship
  4. INNOVATION AND RESEARCH - Staying Ahead with Tech; Stronger Together
  5. MY TEACHER, MY SCHOOL - Say it with Heart; Praise for Early Childhood
  7. THRIVE - Growing with Your Child: The First Three Years, A Snack from the Straits, Pretty in Pin
  8. WELLNESS - Get Ready for Parenthood
  9. MAILBAG - We've got Mail!
  10. FUNTIMES - Picture Perfect
  11. EDITOR'S NOTE - The First 1,000 Days Matter!

Please click on the image below for the full PDF.

Beanstalk Magazine Jul-Sep17