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Digital Activities - The New Normal


The consumption of media and technology is common among children. How do you help your child prepare for the digital age?

DID YOU KNOW #1:​ YouTube was the main social media network used by children aged 10 and below

YouTube is a powerful media portal that allows children to watch a variety of short films and videos. However, unfiltered content that negatively influences, frightens or shocks young children is just as easily accessible.

BE AWARE of what your child is watching. It is much more important than how long she's been watching it for. Make time to ask what she's watching and join in.

DID YOU KNOW #2: Parents are increasingly exposing their children to the internet at a young age.

Young children using media and tecnology is not an entirely negative notion. Experts recognise that media is everywhere and strictly limiting screen time makes little or no difference.

FAMILY PARTICIPATION in screen time facilitates social interactions, bonding and learning. Join your child in a video game. Not only do you have fun, you are aware of the type of games that your child is engaging in.

DID YOU KNOW #3: Time spent on media activities increases with age.

Not allowing games may be irrelevant in this day and age, but parents should be aware of your child's addictive nature. Young children still benefit more from outdoor activities, which can prevent obesity and myopia.

TECH-FREE ZONES can be set in place especially during family mealtime or during outdoor playtime. These will encourage family time, bonding and a healthy lifestyle.

This article was first published in the Jan to Mar 2016 issue of Beanstalk magazine.


Screen-time and your child's development: Finding the Right Balance, contributed by Dr Jared Ng.


Panel Discussion on Raising Media-Wise Generation in the Digital Age


The parenting tips in these videos are extracted from the seminar, Raising Media-Wise Children in the Digital Age held on 30 April 2016.

Expert panel