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Sport Singapore and ActiveSG

​​A regular active lifestyle can boost brain development and encourage better concentration levels for young children.

To support children's physical development, SportSG and ActiveSG has developed resources and fitness programmes that are readily accessible at ActiveSG Sports Complexes!

The programmes and resources aim to help parents and educators understand the Fundamental Movement Skills for children that pave the way for more complex physical movement. They also promote parent-child bonding through fun sports!


Fundamental movement skills are essential to pave the way for development of more complex physical movement.

Best of all, they can be learnt!

Support your child's development of fundamental movement skills through this resource kit from ActiveSG! The kit is full of fun activity ideas that parents can try with their children at home!

Fundamental movement skills are divided into 3 main categories - Locomotor skills, Object Control Skills, Stabilty skills.

Locomotor Ski​lls

Locomotor skills jumping 

Locomotor skills move the body from one location to another. Many locomotor skills are used on a daily basis, as well as in many games and sports.

Find out more about locomotor skills!

Object Control Skills

Locomotor skills ball control 

Object control skills require your child to control and object using a part of the body or using an implement. There are two types of object control skills, propulsive (sending an object away) and receptive (receiving an object).

Find out more about object control skills!

Stability Skills

Locomotor skills balance 

Stability is a key element required for every human movement. Stability is necessary for all locomotor and object control skills. Stability skills are focused on maintaining and acquiring balance, both static and dynamic.

Find out more about stability skills!


Keen to introduce a new sport to your child during this March holiday?
Hoping to bond with your child over a physical activity?
Want to ignite your child's passion in a sport that you enjoy?

Participate in one of ActiveSG's School Holiday Sports Programmes! Conducted at the heartlands, these programmes are easily accessible and there is a huge variety to choose from!

Visit ActiveSG's website here.

SHP March 2016 (East) 
SHP March 2016 (Northeast)
SHP (March 2016) brochure 
SHP March 2016


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Start a regular fun exercise routine with your child!

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