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Science Centre Singapore

​Science Centre Singapore officially opened KidsSTOP™, a dedicated Children's Science Centre on 6 June 2014. At KidsSTOP™, children aged 8 years and below can learn to inquire, investigate and innovate in a safe and conducive 3,000m² gallery that focuses specifically on science for kids.

Science Play

For Pre-Nursery & Nursery (3 – 4 years old) & K1 / K2 (5 – 6 years old)

Science Play at KidsSTOP™ is a 2-hour session made up of:

  • 45-minute facilitated programme
  • 1 hr 15-minute free play time

The Science Play programmes are based on the different zones at KidsSTOP™. They use creative drama and hands-on activities to communicate and teach science to young children in a positive, enjoyable and impactful way.

The activities include interactive story-telling, role playing, puppetry, games, experiments and demonstrations. There are 12 different themes to choose from, including My Wonderful Body, Under the Sea, Creepy Crawly Adventure and Watt is Electricity? For more information, please refer to


Watt is Eelectricity?


My Wonderful Body

Outreach Programme - KidsSTOP™ Comes to You!

Make sense of the scientific world through hands-on activities and creative drama. Through this programme, students will understand complex scientific concepts through bite-sized learning, experiments and making, and interaction with the KidsSTOP™ mascots!

Curated for children age 6 years and below, this STEM programme is conducted within the comfort of your school and we aim to expose students to STEM through an engaging and interactive approach.

Each programme includes a 15-minute demonstration and a 40-minute hands-on activity.

For more information, please refer to or email Regina Ng at


I Spy with My Eyes – KidsSTOP Comes to You!

Overnight Camps at KidsSTOP™

Spend the night at KidsSTOP™ and have loads of fun participating in camp activities! In Out of the Woods and Adventures in the Giant’s Lair, children work in teams to complete challenges and engage in science activities that would enhance their understanding in various concepts through first-hand experiences, as they work collaboratively on their tasks.

These camp programmes also aim to develop problem-solving and practical life skills as well as increase social-emotional competencies. For more information, please refer to or contact 64252500.

Overnight Camp at KidsSTOP™