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Gardens by the Bay

​Gardens by the Bay brings to life Singapore's vision of creating a City in a Garden. The Gardens captures the essence of Singapore as the premier tropical Garden City with the perfect environment in which to live and work - making Singapore a leading global city of the 21st century.

50% discount on 2 conservatories admission is availble for selected ECDA registered pre-schools!

Please write in to at least 2 weeks in advance to check eligibility and book tickets.

Need resources to support children's learning and development while visiting Garden by the Bay?

Click on the thumbnails below to learn more about the programmes and available resources!


A New Home for Darcy & Freddy

A new home for Darcy and Freddy 

Follow Darcy and Freddy as they search for a new home. The hunt is not easy as they meet several obstacles along the way. Will they find their perfect home?


The Big Clean-Up

The big cleanup 

Darcy and Freddy love their new home and begin to explore other parts of the lake. One day, they are shocked by what they see and resolve to do something about it. Would they be able to get everyone's help for this?

A New Friend

A New Friend 

Darcy is now the guardian of the lake. One day, someone new arrives and Darcy introduces her to all his friends. Will she make Dragonfly Lake her home?

Sam, Sebbie and Di-Di-Di & Xandy at Gardens by the Bay

Sam, Sebbie, Di-Di-Di, Xander 

Join Fynn the dragonfly and his friends on their amazing adventures at Gardens by the Bay!


Publications for pre-schools

Follow Sam, Sebbie, Di-Di-Di and Xandy as they go on an adventure around the Dragonfly Lake, learning about plants, animals, the water cycle and going green at the Gardens. Easy to read and beautifully illustrated, children will love this series




Learn more about succulents as you meet our succulent plants!

Plant or Animal?

Plant or animal 

Learn the fascinating stories behind these animal-themed plants.

Mediterranean Garden

Mediterranean Garden 

From Olive trees to Date palms, find out more about our exotic Mediterranean plants.

Caves in the Cloud

Caves in the clouds 

Join us for a cave adventure and uncover the secrets of the Cloud Forest.

Bonus: Earth Check

Earth Check 

Make the Earth a better place to live in through this simple activity.

By the Water

By the water 

Go for a walk around the Kingfisher Lake and the places near it. See if you can spot these animals and also these giant plants in the area.

Right at Home

Right at home 

Meet two local animals and two plants that have been in Singapore for so long, they might as well be "locals".

Flutter/ Fascinating Trees


Take flight with a couple of butterflies commonly seen at the Gardens and on the way, discover two very curious-looking trees.

​Small Creatures/ Larger than Life

Small creatures 

Spot animals that are so common, we hardly take notice when we see them; and see plants that are so big it's hard not to notice them.

Super Duper Trees

Super Duper Trees 

Find out more about our sustainable superheroes, the Supertrees, and about how they have gardens growing on them!

Our Lake System

Our Lake System 

Find out how our lake system works and how it cleans the water that runs through our Gardens.


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