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ECDA Scholarships & Training Awards

ECDA offers a range of Scholarships and Awards that support you in your pursuit of an exciting and rewarding journey as an educator in the Early Childhood Sector!

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Jane and JaniceJane and Janice  

ECDA Scholarship recipients, Jane Mayriel Singh and Janice Ong share tips on building relationships with parents and fellow colleagues. Find out how you can relate better with others!

 A’qilah Saiere

ECDA Scholarship recipient, A’qilah Saiere shares tips on taking care and managing stress. Find out more about being a mindful teacher and avoiding burnout at work.

 Tiffany Lim

ECDA Scholarship recipient, Ms Tiffany Lim Yan Ting shares tips on classroom management and teaching strategies. Find out more about the skills to boost your confidence and get a smooth start into the early childhood sector.

 Ms Sonia Binte Rosli

ECDA Teaching Award recipient, Ms Sonia Binte Rosli completed her Higher Nitec in Early Childhood Education. Read more to find out about her memorable internship that shaped her experience as a current PCF kindergarten teacher

 Ms Sarasvathy D/O Ravee

With the support from the ECDA Teaching Award, Ms Sarasvathy D/O Ravee is able to pursue a Diploma in Early Childhood Education in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Find out what motivates her in her journey towards being an early childhood educator!


 Ms Goh Le Yee, Laurene

Ms Goh Le Yee, Laurene discovered her passion for Early Childhood during her internship at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. With big dreams of helping the less privileged children, Laurene hopes to pursue a Degree in Early Childhood in the near future. Read more about her and be inspired!


 Ms Soe Le Qi, Sheryl

Ms Soe Le Qi, Sheryl loved pretending to be a teacher since young. Currently working as a preschool teacher, Sheryl shares more about her experiences interacting with children!


 Ms Khoo Ching Yee, Rachel

"Learning never stops and we should continually look for ways to upgrade ourselves." Ms Khoo Ching Yee, Rachel believes that giving children the best starts from the early childhood educators themselves. Read more to find out about her aspirations for the sector.

Ms Thomasina Ann-Marie Kwok 

“Pursue something that would bring meaning and fulfilment above material pursuits”. This was the advice from her parents that encouraged Ms Thomasina Ann-Marie Kwok Pui Fan to follow her passion in Early Childhood Education. Read more on how the ECDA Scholarship motivated Ms Thomasina to be a better role model and educator.

Ms Miza Afiqah 

With the support received from the ECDA Training Award, Ms Miza Afiqah Binte Mahdi could lighten the financial burden on her family and focus on her studies. Read more about her inspiring story of perseverance as she pursues her Diploma in Early Childhood Studies.

EC educator Ms Kassendra Cher says to never underestimate the impact an early childhood educator can have on children. Find out how the ECDA Training Awards has supported her in journey!


Murni Afifah
Training Award Recipient Ms Murni Afifah encourages all EC educators to never be afraid to try new ways to learn and improve, just like children. Be inspired by Murni's reflections as a new EC educator in the sector!

Tiffany, Nurshahilah, Muhammad
Our ECDA Scholarship and Training Award recipients share their journey in the early childhood sector and how the Scholarship and Training Awards have supported them in pursuing their passion!

Ms Nurshahilah Bibi Husin Shah, ECDA Scholarship recipient & EC educator, Chatsworth Kindergarten

Ms Tiffany Lim, ECDA Scholarship recipient & Centre Principal, My First Skool

Mr Muhammad Ilyasa Munauwir, Training Award Recipient


Early Childhood Teacher and ECDA Training Award Recipient, Ms Raihana Binte Suhaimi, My First Skool Blk 312C Sumang Link, shares how the ECDA Training Awards has given her motivation and confidence to pursue her dream!


Trenna Liong
Training Award graduant, Ms Trenna Liong shares tips on building good partnerships with parents. Read her story here!


Ms IffahMr Lim Wei An 

Two of our Training Award Recipients, Ms Iffah Irdina Binte Sahari and Mr Lim Wei An, share about their journeys into the early childhood sector. Be inspired by their stories!



ECDA Scholarships and Awards Presentation Ceremony 2019

Scholarships & Awards Presentation Ceremony 2018

ECDA Scholarships and Awards Presentation Ceremony 2018

Scholarships & Awards Presentation Ceremony 2018

ECDA Scholarships and Awards Presentation Ceremony 2017

Scholarships & Awards Presentation Ceremony 2017

ECDA Scholarships and Awards Presentation Ceremony 2016

Scholarships & Awards Presentation Ceremony 2016

ECDA Training Awards Tea Session 2016

TA Tea Session 2016 


ECDA Training Award Graduant Tea Session 2016

 TA Graduants Tea Session 2016


ECDA Scholarships and Awards Presentation Ceremony 2015

Scholarship & Awards Ceremony 2015 photo montage


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