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Feed Your Child Right (5-6 years)

​As a parent, you want what’s best for your child — and that includes making sure he gets the nutrition he needs to develop into a strong and healthy person. Nutrition does not only affect your child's physical development, it also influences his cognitive and neurological development.
“Children who don’t get proper nutrition may run a risk of stunted growth and delayed brain development, hampering their cognitive growth,” says Ms Jenny Ng, principal dietician and CEO of Mind Your Diet, a nutrition consultancy.
Your child's nutritional needs will change as he grows and develops. Here is what you can expect at different stages of your child's life, from birth to age six.

For pre-schoolers, eating habits can be influenced by school, friends, family and what they see on television and in the movies. Be mindful of what your children are being exposed to — you might find it helpful to use a healthy eating app or game to explain what a healthy diet is and why it is important.
Try and get your child involved in the daily food preparation as well — this makes it easy to encourage him to try new foods and for him to learn more about what goes into his meals. As he learns to read, teach him how to read the nutritional labels on foods when you go grocery shopping.

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