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Introduction to Parenting Moments

Parenting Moments is your guide to raising secure, confident, creative and caring children who feel positive about themselves and are eager to learn and succeed! Parenting young children from birth to 6 years can be truly enjoyable, meaningful and fulfilling when you have the “know-hows”.​​
This parenting toolkit has suggestions as well as practical tips to strengthen positive parent-child bonding, foster communication, language and literacy skills, nurture creativity, thinking and problem-solving skills,  build confidence and develop social skills. These are aspects that truly matter to your child.​
Starting from infancy to toddlerhood and pre-school age, all children go through stages of development. Incredible changes are taking place during each developmental stage. You will notice changes to their growth, movement, communication, thinking, feeling, and how they relate to others. Remember that all children are special and different in their own ways. They develop at their own pace according to their needs, strengths, interests and more importantly whenever they are ready. Your child is unique!​

By understanding your child’s development, you can support and provide experiences that make a difference to your child’s learning. Your child learns best when his learning is connected and inter-related.
What this means is that it is important for your child’s development to take place in a holistic and integrated way. For instance, when your toddler starts to walk, this physical development helps him to explore more of his environment. He discovers new objects and materials to interact with. 
When you encourage him to explore further or talk to him about the object or what he is doing, he develops communication and language skills. He becomes more confident and independent and is motivated to explore and discover new things.
So what started off as a simple physical movement (walking) has led to exploring and engaging with new things (cognitive and fine motor skills), feeling secure and confident (social-emotional) because of your praise, and expanding of his vocabulary through your interaction with him.​ 
As parents you play an integral role in the lives of your children, shaping and guiding them with loving influence, care and attention. Your child looks up to you and depends on you to create a warm and nurturing relationship with her. Her learning and development are dependent on you providing experiences and environments that are positive and developmentally appropriate. In other words, what YOU do matters!

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