Early Intervention Press Release

28 October 2021

Launch of Inclusive Support Progr​amme (InSP) Pilot

30 April 2021

New Initiatives to Enhance Inclusion and Support for Children with Developmental Needs​​

4 November 2020

​​Average Waiting Time For Children Who Are Differently Abled To Be Enrolled In The Early Intervention Programme

3 November 2020

Percentage Of Children Who Have Not Had Access To The Development Supp​ort And Learning Support Programme​

15 October 2020​

Development Support And Learning Support Programmes For Anchor Operator Pre-Schools​​

10 October 2020

Boosting Professional Development Of Preschool Educators, Enhancing Outdoor Learning For Children And Expanding Kidstart To More Families​

6 October 2020​​​​

Extending Development Support And Learning Support Programme To Children Who Are Differently Abled At The Nursery Level

5 October 2020​​​

Enrolment for Enhanced Pilot for Private Intervention Providers

4 March 2020

Shift Of Early Intervention Services From MSF Disability Office To Early Childhood Development Agency

8 May 2019

Grants For Non-MOE Kindergartens And Special Needs Support​​​

10 April 2019

More Integrated Support For Children With Developmental Needs Under ECDA​

28 January 2019

Enhanced Early Intervention: Better Support for Children with Developmental Needs​​

6 August 2018

Enhanced Pilot For Private Intervention Providers (PPIP) Scheme And Centres

​2 October 2017​

Clarifications On EIPIC​​

29 February 2016

Early Intervention Services For Children With Speech Delay, Autism And At Risk Of Moderate To Severe Disabilities​​

​​​​13 March 2015

​​Early Intervention Review

8 October 2014​​

Plans To Develop Competencies Of Teachers In EIPIC And Other Programmes​

​​13 March 2014

More Support For Early Intervention Services And Transport For Persons With Disabilities

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