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A strong partnership between parents and the child care centre is important as it positively impacts our children's development during their years in a child care centre. This guide serves as a practical resource on child care subsidy and operational matters including safety, health and hygiene, illnesses, and administrative matters such as the refund of deposits. In addition, the Annex in this guide also provides information on the relevant agencies and authorities you may approach for advice or assistance on specific matters related to child care.

Guide for Parents with Children i​n Child Care Centres ​​

Important to note


All preschools have suspended their general services from 8 April until 4 May 2020 as a circuit breaker to limit the local transmission of COVID-19. Parent are advised to keep their children home during this period and to care for their children within their own households.

Preschools remain open during this period only to serve a limited group of parents/guardians who are working in essential services (e.g. healthcare workers) and are unable to find alternative care arrangements. For children who are already enrolled with a centre, please approach your child’s preschool to assess their eligibility for limited service.

For children who are currently not enrolled in a preschool and now require the limited service:​

Parents can search for suitable preschool(s) using ECDA’s Preschool​ Search​ Portal​​​(https://cms.ecda.gov.sg/prweb/preschool​) and contact the preschool directly to enquire about fees and availability of places.

• Enrolment for limited service is a temporary arrangement and continued placement beyond the circuit breaker period will depend on the preschool’s admission and enrolment policy, and current enrolment.

• Preschools will need a few days to prepare the preschool place with the necessary staffing support.

• To support families, ECDA will extend the Working Mother Basic Subsidy for Singaporean children who enrol temporarily during this period

• The 5 Anchor Operators (i.e. E-Bridge Pre-school, My First Skool, MY World Preschool, PCF Sparkletots Preschool, and Skool4Kidz) will waive the 1-month deposit for these temporary placements.

Preschool Search Portal​

The Preschool Search Portal will leverage on SingPass as the default authentication mechanism. This is to ensure proper security safeguard of the data/Information submitted.

To search for preschools, click here

Manage Interest

If you have indicated interest previously but it is not reflected in your page, please do the following to retrieve your existing records:

1.Visit https://cms.ecda.gov.sg/preschool

2. Lo​gin with your SingPass using the ‘login’ button on the top right-hand corner.

3. Click on ‘Manage Interest’ from the drop-down menu on the top left-hand corner.

4. Click ‘here’ in the yellow information box at the top.

5. Fill in the details as required and click ‘done’.

Please be assured that there is no impact to your queue position in the centres you have indicated interest for.

Re-confirmation of Interest

To re-confirm your interest to remain on the waitlist, please follow the following steps:

· Visit https://cms.ecda.gov.sg/preschool

· Login with your SingPass using the ‘login’ button on the top right-hand corner

· Click on ‘Manage Interest’ from the drop-down menu on the top left-hand corner

· ​​Click ‘here’ in the yellow information box at the top of the screen to retrieve your records

· Fill in the details as required and click ‘done’.

· After you have successfully added your records, select ‘Manage Interest’ from the drop-down menu on the top left-hand corner

· Click the ‘Re-confirm’ button next to your child’s name to re-confirm your interest for another 6 months.

Please refer to the guides below for more details.

· ​​FAQ​s On Preschool Search Portal​ 

· Parent Portal Step-by-Step Guide 

Information updated as at 13 ​​April 2020​​​​​​​​​​​

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