About Centre-based​ Care​

Child care centres provide full day and half-day care programmes to children below the age of 7 years. Some centres offer flexible child care programmes to cater to the diverse work arrangements of parents who work part-time of flexible hours.

Child care programmes offer a holistic learning experience for children. child care centres and parents work together as partners to optimise the child's physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.


Choosing a Child Care Centre for Your Child​

In choosing the appropriate child care arrangement, the age and personality of your child are important factors for consideration. As a general rule, children below three years of age benefit most from one-to one interaction with adults. When the children are older and ready for peer interaction, group care such as that provided by child care centres can provide socialising opportunities that are limited in today's families.

·Anchor Operator Scheme​

·Partner Operator Scheme​

Information updated as at January 2019
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