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The Partner Operator (POP) scheme supports child care operators to keep fees affordable, build capabilities to raise quality, and improve career prospects for Early Childhood (“EC”) professionals. The scheme commenced in 2016. Operators will receive funding to:

a. Reduce their current fees, keep to a monthly fee cap of $800 and $1,400 (excluding GST) for full-day child care and infant care programme respectively for Singapore Citizen (SC) children, and ensure any fee increases are kept affordable for parents.

b. Invest in improving quality through the Singapore Pre-school Accreditation Framework(SPARK),and in headquarter capabilities. 

c. Support continuing professional development and career progression opportunities for EC professionals.

For further enquiries, please contact​ and provide us with your query and contact details, or call our hotline at 67359213.


Partner Operator Scheme


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Home | Media Release | FAQs | List of POPs

 Requirements on Fees and Size ​
1.  What are the fee caps that POP centres have to adhere to?

All POP centres must keep their fees within the fee caps under the POP scheme. The fee caps applies to full/half-day child care or infant care programmes for Singaporean children and are illustrated below: 


Fee Caps (before GST​)

Full day child care


Half day child care


Full day infant care


Half day infant care



2. Why is there a minimum size requirement of 300 child care places?

The POP scheme has a minimum size requirement to encourage economies of scale and career progression for teachers. Smaller operators may partner others to submit expressions of interest as a group. 

Selection of POPs and Future Plans 

3. How were the POPs selected? What were the evaluation criteria?        

The POPs were selected through an open and competitive process, based on the strength of their proposals and track record.


4. What is the POP scheme duration? Will there be an extension of the scheme after years? 

Operators selected to be POPs will receive funding support from Year 2016 – 2020. We will evaluate the need for extension at the end of the appointment, taking into consideration the outcomes of the scheme.​

5. Will ECDA allow the appointed POP to open new centres so as to benefit more parents?

Addition of new centres or expansion plans by each operator will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. ECDA will consider the POP’s ability to meet the scheme requirements for all their participating centres.

6. Would ECDA open a second round of applications?      

ECDA will monitor the implementation of the scheme before considering whether another round of applications is necessary.​

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You may view the list of POPs here Partner Operator Scheme


Information updated as at 01 April 2019​​

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