Development Support-Plus (DS-Plus​)

Development Support-Plus (DS-Plus) supports children who require low levels of EI support, once they have made sufficient progress under the Early Intervention Programme for Infants & Children @ Centre (EIPIC@Centre).

Children can only join this programme via recommendation by an EI professional once they have gone through the EIPIC@Centre Programme, and cannot be directly referred into this programme. DS-Plus aims to support children in the transition into a mainstream classroom. EI professionals and allied health professionals (AHPs) work alongside the Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) to design appropriate Individualised Educational Plan (IEP) goals, deliver the intervention and provide in-class support. This fosters better engagement and integration for the child into a mainstream preschool classroom They also work with caregivers for support at home.

EI professionals work with the preschool that the child is attending to design appropriate IEP goals, deliver the intervention and provide in-class support, and with caregivers for support at home.

Admission Criteria
DS-Plus programme is for children who are:
- From two to six years old;
- Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents;
- Assessed by a paediatrician to be at risk of a developmental, intellectual, sensory or physical disability, or a combination of disabilities;
- Currently enrolled in a preschool; and
- Not concurrently enrolled in other MSF-funded EI programmes (i.e. DS-LS programme).

Out-of-Pocket Fees range from $2 to $290, depending on monthly household per capita income.*

*For more detailed information on your eligibility for subsidies, please consult your child's EI Centr​e​.

Please find more information on the DS-Plus programme on SG Enable​ (SGE). ​​​​​​​

Information updated as at March 2021​​

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