Development Support and Learning Support Programme (DS-LS)

The DS-LS Programme supports children who require low levels of EI support. The programme aims to provide targeted developmental and learning support for children who are enrolled in preschools. The programme also aims to enhance the capabilities of the preschools to better support these children in their natural learning environment.

EI professionals and/or allied health professionals (AHPs) work closely together to design appropriate Individualised Educational Plan (IEP) goals, deliver the child’s intervention as well as provide in-class support for preschool teachers and caregiver support for parents/caregivers.

Admission Criteria
The DS-LS programme is for children who are:
- Enrolled in preschools (K1 and K2 levels) at the point of intervention;
- Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents; and
- Not concurrently enrolled in any other MSF-funded EI programmes (i.e. EIPIC, DS-Plus).

Out-of-Pocket Fees range from $5 to $290 for the DS Programmes, and from $5 to $130 for the LS Programmes, depending on monthly household per capita income.*

*For more detailed information on fees, please consult with your child's prescho​ol​.

Please find further information on the DS-LS programme and admission criteria on SG Enable (SGE). ​​​​​​​

Information updated as at March 2021​​

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