Early Childhood Development

Learning through Play​

​A child learns best through play. Play helps a child develop concepts and understand how things and ideas are connected. It makes learning enjoyable because it allows a child to develop and explore the world. By learning through play, a child's self-confidence and self-worth begin to grow as he/she masters the chosen tasks.

Brochure on Learning through Play​


Healthy Meals in Pre-schools Programme​ 

Young children who attend child care centres spend a major part of their day at the care centre while their parents are at work. For these children, child care centres play an important role in shaping their food habits. Recognising this, HPB introduced the "Healthy Meals in Pre-schools (HMPP) Programme" in collaboration with ECDA.​​

Healthy Meals in Pre-schools Programme​

More Than Just Babysitting​

As a parent, you often have many questions in mind when deciding to place your child in a child care centre. This brochure helps to answer some of these questions and addresses areas of concern on meals, staffing, programmes, emergency procedures, safety and child management in child care centres.​

Brochure on More Than Just Babysitting​ ​

Your Child's Safety

The most common place where injuries occur is in the home. Home injuries often involve young children and can be serious or even fatal. Fortunately, most of them can be prevented. Learn some tips in preventing common injuries around the house.

Child Safety, Make Your Home Safe For Your Children​​

Resource Kit For Parents Of Children With Developmental Needs

The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) has developed a resource kit for parents whose children in mainstream pre-schools have been diagnosed with developmental needs. 

The kit will enable parents to play a more active role and to better engage pre-school teachers and other professionals in their children's development. It will provide parents useful tips in understanding, monitoring and addressing their children's learning needs, as well as listings of training and care agencies where parents can seek further professional advice and assistance.​

A Resource For Parents Of Children With Developmental Needs   ​​​​​​​​​​


Information updated as at 10 January 2018
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