Revised Tender Evaluation Process for Commercial Child Care Centres in HDB Premises

Jun 13, 2013

1.               Acting Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing announced today a revised tender evaluation process for commercial child care centres located in HDB premises.  This is a joint effort by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and HDB to provide good quality and affordable child care places in HDB estates. 
2.               The current bidding of HDB sites by commercial operators is based solely on bid price.  Under the revised tender evaluation process, commercial child care centre operators bidding for HDB premises will have their bids assessed more holistically.  In addition to bid price, the quality and affordability of the bidder’s child care programmes will be assessed.  In other words, the site may not be awarded to the operator that submits the highest bid as other factors including the fees they intend to charge, the quality of their programme and their track record will be taken into consideration.   
3.               A summary of the evaluation criteria is provided at Annex A.  The revised process will help keep rental costs for child care centres in HDB estates manageable, and facilitate the provision of quality and affordable child care programmes.
4.               The first two sites to come under the new process are located at Teban Gardens Road and Punggol Field.  The tenders will be open on 14 June 2013.  Commercial operators interested to develop and operate child care centres at these sites may access the following websites for more information on the tenders: HDB InfoWEB ( > businesses > commercial tenants & lessees) or ECDA websites ( or
5.       Going forward, ECDA will also explore the feasibility of applying similar tender evaluation processes which take into account bid price, programme quality and fee affordability for child care centres located in other state-owned premises.
Tenderers will be evaluated on the following criteria:
Evaluation Criteria
% of Score
Tendered Price
Quality & Affordability Criteria
Track Record
-        Whether the tenderer operates other quality centres, assessed in terms of their licence tenure and early childhood accreditation standards attained (e.g. SPARK)
-        Whether the tenderer’s proposed child care fees for the next few years are affordable relative to median fees for commercial operators in HDB premises
Quality of Programmes
-        Whether the tenderer’s proposed centre will have systems in place to ensure programme quality, and their investment in trained early childhood professional staff
Community Assistance and Integration
-    ​    Whether the tenderer’s proposed programmes are inclusive and promote community integration
-        Whether the tenderer’s proposed centre offers assistance to the less advantaged in the community.
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