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ECDA Fellows

Roles and Responsibilities

ECDA Fellows will take on sector-level roles primarily in three (3) key areas:

a. Professional Development
e.g. Leading/facilitating master classes/workshops at the sector level, developing resources, mentoring/coaching centre leaders and senior teachers from other centres;

b. Curriculum Leadership
e.g. Guiding centres in the design, implementation and review of centres’ curricula or teaching and learning approaches; and​

c. Sector Partnerships
e.g. Partnering ECDA in spear-heading improvements for the sector

Appointment Terms, Service Recognition and Professional Development

• A 3-year term (subject to confirmation upon 1st year of service).

• An average of 100 hours of service per year over 3 years.​

• Annual Service Recognition Allowance (SRA) of $9,000 upon completion of responsibilities.

• Professional development opportunities (e.g. milestone course, overseas study trip, professional

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, an applicant should:

a. Meet the relevant competencies and skills required for Senior Centre Leader / Senior Lead Teacher in the Skills Framework for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).​

b. Have a minimum of 10 years’ teaching and/or leadership experience in the early childhood sector.

c. Be employed in and/or overseeing a pre-school(s) registered/licensed with ECDA at the point of application and appointment.

d. Possess relevant ECCE qualifications.

e. Preferably have experience in the SPARK certification process.

Application Period

Applications for the ECDA Fellows programme have closed.
If you have any queries, please email us at ECDA_PP@ecda.gov.sg​.

How To A​pply

All interested applicants must submit all of the following completed documents in softcopy in the required format to ECDA_PP@ecda.gov.sg. Total file size should not exceed 20mb.

    •   Official Application Form  
    •   Appendix A: Letter of Commitment from the Applicant’s Employer 
    •   Appendix B: Professional Portfolio 
    •   Appendix CReference Letters 

Selection Process

​All complete applications submitted will be reviewed and examined through a rigorous selection process by ECDA. The selection process may include one or more interviews with an evaluation panel, and on-site observations. ECDA will make the final decision with regard to the selection of applicants.


 Information updated as at April 2019​​​​​​

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