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About PDP(E)​ 

The PDP(E) is a 3-year 180-hour structured professional development (PD) programme that prepares educarers to take on larger job roles by:  


​​A strong partnership among operators, educarers and ECDA to support the professionaldevelopment of the educarer is important for the success of PDP(E).  ​​​

Key Features

Choose from a variety of Professional Development activities and
complete them at your own comfortable pace and language


Take a step closer to attain one of the following
to work with children of wider age groups



Receive annual cash awards after completion 
of programme and service milestones

Eligibility Criteria

   ·   Singaporean or Permanent Resident EY1/EY2/L1 Educarer
   ·   Preferably 3 years of trained teaching experience in the early childhood sector
   ·  ​Currently employed in a pre-school registered or licensed with ECDA
   ·  Have met the competencies and skills of Infant/Toddler Educarer or Beginning Educarer        
described in the Skills Framework for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)​


Overview of Programme Structure  

*Participants are required to fulfil programme milestones and remain with their nomination
organisation 6 months after the end of each PDP year.


What will I learn at the Compulsory Core Training?  

This is a 2-full day course. At the course, you will 

·   Understand the 3 Rs - "Respectful", "Responsive"
    and "Reciprocal" interactions

·   Learn how to apply the 3 Rs when you interact with

·   Learn how to work better with the p​arents of the 
    children under your care


What is the Communities of Practice (CoP) about?

At CoP sessions, you meet up with other Educarers from other centres to share experiences and knowledge, and learn from each other. You can also discuss 3Rs and issues you meet at work, explore solutions and help one another other refine ideas. You can even join your peers based on a language you are more comfortable with.​  


What is the Showcase of Learning about?

At the Showcase of Learning, you present what you have learnt and the good practices that you have uncovered to other educarers and EC educators. It is also a chance to hear what others have learnt.


What are Electives?

There are 3 types of electives to choose from, based on your own interests and needs. You can even take up as many electives as you want! Click on each type of elective to find out more.


Examples of how to complete PDP(E)

One of the features of PDP(E) is that it is flexible. The examples below show how you can complete the programme milestones over the 3 years.​


Nomination Process

PDP(E) participants are nominated by their operators/supervisors online via ONE@ECDA. All operators/supervisors interested in nominating their educarers for PDP(E) may download and reference the following guide in doing so​.  

·         Guide for Centre Administrator 
·         ​Guide for HQ Administrator  

Please note that for organisations with HQ structure, HQ will have to review all nominations submitted by their centres. 

Nomination for PDP(E) 2018 has closed. Look forward to nominations for PDP(E) 2019 at the end of this year! 

For enquiries, please contact us at 

PDP(E) in the Spotlight

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Frequently Asked Questions 
1. Does PDP(E) provide a certification? 

The PDP(E) does not provide a certification at the end of the programme. It is designed to support skills deepening. 

However, if you complete the ACEY top-up modules, you will receive a statement of attainment (SOA), and be certified to teach children aged 2 months to 3 years old. 

If you complete the pre-requisite modules for ACEY, ACECCE and DECCE-T, you will attain a statement of attainment (SOA), and be exempted from the module when you subsequently enrol in the full qualification.  

2. How is the “3 years of trained experience” calculated? 

This is calculated based on the educarer’s date of attainment of the HCIC/ACEY/Higher-Nitec/ACECCE, to the date of appointment onto the PDP(E). If the educarer has more than one of the above certifications, ECDA will calculate the years of trained experience based on the certification that was first attained.  ​

3. Can Mother Tongue Language educators apply for the PDP(E)? 

Mother Tongue Language educators who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for PDP(E). The compulsory core training is currently offered in both English and Chinese Language.

Educarers who are more comfortable with their Mother Tongue Languages may form their own Community of Practice and conduct their discussions in their Mother Tongue Languages.

The Teacher Training Programme Modules may be conducted in the various Mother Tongue Languages for future intakes if there is sufficient demand.​

4. What will the PDP(E) programme milestone schedules look like? 
The teacher training programme modules e.g. CET DECCE-T or ACEY pre-requisite modules may be conducted on weekday nights or afternoons.  

Projects are carried out by educarers within their own centres based on their project proposals and implementation timeline. 

The Communities of Practice (CoP) can be conducted by educarers anytime within the 3 year programme, depending on participant’s schedules. It can be done during or after working hours, within centres or clusters.  


5. What are the funding available for the compulsory core training, electives and projects? 
The compulsory core training, CPD courses and the teacher training programme module will be subsidised by either ECDA or funding from SSG. ​ 

For innovation and Practitioner Inquiry Grant projects, participating preschools will receive funding from ECDA to support the project implementation. 

6. How will participants be eligible for the cash award yearly? 
The annual cash awards will be made to participants if they successfully complete the stipulated programme milestones and if they remain employed with their nominating organisation for at least 6 months after the end of each PDP year.​​ ​


7. What if participants leave their organisation midway through the programme and is employed by another organisation?

As participants need to complete the programme and service milestones to receive the annual cash awards, when there is a change of organisation, participants will not be eligible for the cash award for the particular year. They will also not be eligible for PDP(E) again. However they may be nominated for PDP(T) or PDP(L) if they meet the eligibility criteria.  


8. Is there a cap to the number of educarers a centre can nominate? 
There is no limit to the number of nominations a centre can submit. ​​​ 

Information updated as at 14 December 2018
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