ECC 2020 Digital Edition: Bigger Hearts, Stronger Minds 

Developing strong social-emotional foundations matter. Find out how you can nurture resilience and promote well-being in young children. Pick up practical strategies on self-care and how to enhance your own social-emotional health. Join us on 10 October 2020 (Sat), 10am to 11.30am for ECC 2020 Digital Edition!

Event Highlights:

•    2 inspiring keynote sharings by local speakers on developing social-emotional competencies and resilience
•    Stimulating and interactive Q&A to discuss issues and challenges, and more!

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•    Hear from the new Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr Masagos Zulkifli on his aspirations and plans for the early childhood sector.
•    Gain insights from our Keynote Speakers on developing social-emotional competencies and resilience.
•    Stand a chance to win attractive Lucky Draw Prizes
•    Receive special ECC gifts tied to our theme and for teaching.
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Bigger Hearts, Stronger Minds

A strong social-emotional foundation lies at the heart of young children’s overall development. Research tells us it can impact their development in other areas such as physical development, language and communication, and cognition.

Helping young children build their social-emotional competence is important for their development. They are better able to communicate feelings effectively, regulate their behaviours, learn how to interact with others, respond positively to new situations and solve problems appropriately. Children are generally happier and experience a sense of psychological wellbeing. Being resilient is an important lifelong skill.

Early childhood (EC) educators play a significant role in supporting and strengthening young children’s social-emotional health. Find out how you can intentionally create a positive and healthy psychosocial environment for young children. Pick up new ideas and practical tips to guide your curriculum and pedagogical practices.

As EC educators, we want to provide the best early childhood experiences for the children in our preschool and connect positively with their families. However, in the pursuit of professional excellence, we should not forget our own emotional health and wellbeing. In the course of our day to day interactions with children, parents and colleagues and carrying out various activities, we may experience stress, anxiety and fatigue. Learn how to better manage stress and challenges, and strengthen your emotional resilience.


ECC 2020 Programme:


Guest Speakers:

Dr Jared Ng
Psychiatrist, Consultant
Department of Developmental Psychiatry
Institute of Mental Health

Dr Jared Ng is a Psychiatrist working at the Institute of Mental Health. He currently oversees emergency services in the hospital and was previously in-charge of the child inpatient services. Dr Ng obtained his Master of Public Health from Harvard University. His thesis examined school-based mental health programs in Boston. Dr Ng was a keynote at the ECDA-NLB Expert Series Seminar in 2018.

Topic: Laying the Foundations for Life – The Importance of Early Childhood Social-emotional Well-being and Resilience

Studies have shown that children respond to and process emotional experiences in ways that are different from adults. In his presentation, Dr Jared hopes to introduce key concepts and provide tips on how educators can promote children’s social-emotional well-being, in order to lay a strong foundation for their healthy growth and development. He will also draw on COVID-19 related examples to illustrate how educators can play important roles in identifying and reducing stress in children, as well as help children strengthen their resilience to cope and even thrive in the face of adversity.

Ms Vivienne Ng
Chief Psychologist
Office of the Chief Psychologist
Ministry of Social and Family Development

Vivienne is the Chief Psychologist at the Office of the Chief Psychologist (OCP) in MSF. She oversees psychological services in areas such as disability; parenting and divorce; vulnerable families and early childhood. She formerly headed the Clinical and Forensic Psychology Service within the Rehabilitation and Protection Group (RPG) at MSF and worked at the Institute of Mental Health from 1992 to 2000.

Topic: Time-out for Teachers - Tips to Manage Stress and Increase Resilience

While teachers are passionate about their work in educating young thinkers and making a difference in the lives of children, they may sometimes experience a high degree of stress and burnout. Given that their work involves constant contact and interaction with children and parents, Vivienne hopes to highlight the importance of socio-emotional well-being and self-care for educators working in intense settings. She will also share some stress management strategies and weave in some real-life examples and anecdotes, based on her experience as a clinical psychologist.


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