​​Setting up a Centre

Child Care Centre operators play an ever integral part in the child care industry. Our aim is to provide information and services to operators who are interested in setting up or sustaining child care centres. 

Learn more about the procedures, requirements and regulations that are part and parcel of operating a centre. 

Guide to Setting Up a Centre / Cen​tre-Based Infant/Toddler Care Services

1. Finding Out About the Child Care Business - Visit a few centres and do an initial cost estimation to assess the viability of the business​

2. Pre-requisites for Setting Up a Child Care Centre - Child Care centres are subjected to licensing, physical and financial pre-requisites.

3. Choosing Suitable Premises - Decide on private residential, commercial premises, or HDB void deck.

4. Clearances from Relevant Government Departments - Get your chosen premises approved by governing agencies.

5. Child Care Centre License/Government Financial Support For Approved Organisations - Register your business and obtain a licence.

6. Starting Operations - Your centre can begin operation when the application for a child care centre licence has been approved.

Guide and Application to Set Up an Early Childhood Development Centre​(download)


Apply for Preschool Licen​se

Apply for or renew your Preschool licence online at GoBusiness Licensing.

Privately-owned child care centres can be sold to another party like any normal business deal but there are several factors that govern such a transfer. Learn more about the roles and responsibilities, procedures required, legal arrangements and more, for both the buyer and seller, and how to ensure that the quality of care is not compromised.​

Guidelines for Transfer of Ownership of Child Care Centres 


Register for an Open Selection Project (for Non-Profits) 


The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) plans and develops community-based child care centres. ECDA will identify suitable HDB void deck premises and invite proposals from eligible organisations through Open Selection Process (OSP) to operate the premises as a community service.​ 

List of sites under Open Selection for SSAs

Registration of Ne​w Kinderga​rten

Application for registration of new kindergartens is done online via the GoBusiness Licensing portal. Applicants should ensure that all renovation and furnishing works are completed, and all the statutory approvals are obtained before application. A Kindergarten Registration & Regulation Officer will contact you following the submission of your application through OBLS.

Information updated as at March 2021

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