​​ SMART Solutions for Preschools

An initiative by the Association of Early Childhood and Training Services (ASSETS),
the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and;
the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)​

Introduction to SMART Solutions

The Association of Early Childhood and Training Services (ASSETS) in collaboration with ECDA and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) had called for proposals for smart IT solutions to aid pre-schools in their day-to-day processes and streamline administrative duties for educators. The intended objective of these solutions is to enable preschools to move away from the conventional way of doing things to adopting technology-based solutions to improve productivity.

Selection Criteria

The solutions were assessed based on the following criteria. The solutions should:

a)  Improve productivity in preschools;
b)  Be affordable and provide value for money;
c)  Be able to integrate with ECDA’s systems;
d)  Be easy to navigate and use; and
e)  Be Future-Ready (e.g. be able to support future technological advancements).

Qualified Vendors

After a stringent selection process, 5 vendors were selected to provide a range of solutions such as modules on preschool management, including student, staff and operational matters, finance and communication management. Preschools that subscribe to these qualified vendors may be eligible to receive government funding.

Sign-Up for SMART Solutions

Preschool operators can touch base with the vendors to learn more about their solutions and sign up directly. Vendors can provide more information on the available funding too. The contact details of the vendors are provided below.

Vendor / Solution Name & Contact details

CommonTown Pte Ltd 
(Qoqolo School Management System)

Contact person: Craig Fu
Hotline: 68488900
Email: biz@commontown.com
Web URL: www.qoqolo.com

Cyberland Consultancy Pte Ltd

Contact person: Casey
Hotline: 65666601
Email: casey@cyberland.edu.sg
Web URL: cyberland.edu.sg/bridged

Havence Portal LLP

Contact person: Calvin
Hotline: 89215402
Email: enquiries@havence.com.sg

LittleLives Inc Pte Ltd
(LittleLives 4.5)

Contact person: Meng Leng
Hotline: 89296707
Email: sales@littlelives.com
Web URL: www.littlelives.com

Taidii Pte Ltd
(Taidii Smart IT Solution for Preschool)

Contact person: Kelvin/Ivory
Hotline: 66357641
Email: service@taidii.com
Web URL: https://www.taidii.com/en/product

For application details:

Organisation Type

Application details

For SMEs:

EDG Step-by-step User Guide 

Visit www.businessgrants.gov.sg and login with your Corpp​ass:

• click ‘Get new grant’,
• select sector, select ‘update key business areas….’,
• select ‘Innovation & Productivity’,​
• follow on-screen instructions to submit required Smart Solutions package information.

For Social Service Agencies who are NCSS members:

You may apply for Tech-and-GO! to support digital solutions and consultancy. For more information, please visit: https://go.gov.sg/tng or contact Tech-and-GO@ncss.gov.sg

For Social Service Agencies who are non-NCSS members:

Kindly apply for VWO-Charities Capabilities Fund (VCF) ICT digitalisation solutions. Interested parties can submit VCF applications online at https://www.app.ncss.gov.sg or contact gurdip_kumar@ncss.gov.sg

Information updated as at June ​2021​​​​​​​
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