​​​Preschool Opportunity Fund

The Preschool Opportunity Fund (PSOF) provides funding support for childcare and kindergarten operators (who are not on the Anchor Operator [AOP] scheme) to offer holistic development activities to low-income children enrolled in their centres. These can include activities and enrichment classes to enhance key aspects of child development (e.g. cognitive, aesthetic, moral, physical, social and emotional development). Past approved projects have included excursions, holiday camps and workshops, speech and drama as well as music programmes. These programmes typically incur additional costs (above general programme fees).​

Non-AOP preschools may apply for the PSOF to benefit the following groups of children:
•   Children with gross household income (HHI) of up to $4,500, or per capita income (PCI) of up to $1,125; or
•   Children who are identified by teachers or social services to be at risk or potentially at risk (e.g. children who lack family support or conducive home conditions). ​​

Depending on the project’s proposal, centres can be given a grant of up to $1,300 for each qualifying child for each project. Projects will be funded for up to one year. Centres are required to submit a report upon completion of each project, to cover project outcomes and expenditure.​​

Operators may apply for PSOF funding via the FormSG link for projects which are planned to be conducted in 2022. Operators may also scan the QR code below to access the application form. Please note that you will need your SingPass (Corporate) to access and submit the application form. PSOF application for 2022 projects will close on 31 March 2022. All late applications will be rejected.

Please refer to below for further details:
 •    Information on Preschool Opportunity Fund 
 •    Annex 1 – List of Documents to Verify Eligibility of Children (this can be found under Annex D in Claim Template)
 •    Annex 2 – Declaration Form for Household Income (HHI) for Kindergarten children (this can be found under Annex C in Claim Template) 
 •    Annex 3 – Claim Template 
 •    Annex 4 – Expenditure Guidelines

For further enquiries, please email ecda_psof@ecda.gov.sg​​. ​

Information updated as at March 2022​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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