​Portable Rental Subsidy

1. New or existing pre-school centres may be eligible for the Portable Rental Subsidy (PRS), if

a) The centre offers good quality and affordable early childhood programmes (refer affordability and quality

b) The centre is located in an area assessed by ECDA to have a high demand for child services.

c) The centre is located in non-HDB void deck premises such as commercial buildings, workplaces, government buildings,neighbourhood centres and community centres.

Eligible centres may receive rental subsidy of up to:

a) 60% of rental costs capped at $36.50 per sqm, whichever is lower, for centres operate by Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs).

b) 30% of rental costs capped at $19.60 per sqm, whichever is lower, for centres run commercial pre-school operators.

Application Process

3. Applications are currently open Please send the completed application form to sector_funding@ecda.gov.sg. Please note that you only need to one application form even if you are applying for more than one support scheme as there is an option in the form for you to select the support scheme(s) that you are applying for.

Disbursement Process

Supported centres are required to submit the completed PRS reimbursement form  together with the supporting rental receipts) by the submission deadlines of the respective disbursement windows. 

The disbursement of PRS will be done quarterly and will be based on reimbursement of actual rental expenditure incurred in the preceding quarter.


Information updated as at January 2019


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