​Community / Sports Facilities Scheme (CSFS)

The Community / Sports Facilities Scheme (CSFS) for the integration of community facilities in commercial developments was first introduced in May 2003 by URA. The scheme was initially opened to only non-profit organisations with strong community outreach, who wished to bring their child care services to the community by being located in highly accessible commercial developments.

On 24 September 2013, ECDA and URA extended the CSFS to include commercial child care operators who offer good quality and affordable early childhood programmes. The revised CSFS will allow both developers and operators flexibility to provide child care services where needed.

Under the revised CSFS, developers are required to work with child care operators who are willing to come on board ECDA’s Support Scheme. Please refer here for more information on ECDA Support Scheme.

Interested developers may write in to ECDA at Contact@Ecda.gov.sg to determine if child care services can be supported at the proposed CSFS spaces. A letter of support will be issued to developer to facilitate the development application.​

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