Managing Your Centre

Applicat​ion Requests to Kindergarten Registration & Regulation​

Fee Revision

Kindergartens are required to put up their application for fee revision via the online form.

The guidelines for fee revision require kindergartens to:

   • implement fee revision only at the beginning of the academic year; and
   • ​communicate effectively with parents by informing parents at least 6 months before 
      implementation of new fees or during registration, whichever is earlier​ 

Please contact the regulatory officer overseeing your kindergarten directly for the following:

   • Approvals for Relocation of Kindergarten
   • Request for Review of Accommodation Capacity due to:
      - A
ddition & Alteration Work
      - Change of Use of Space (resulting in an increase/decrease in teaching & learning spaces)
   • Change of Supervisor
   • Renewal of Committee of Management
   • New Principal Appointment
   • Change of Kindergarten Ownership
   • Closure (De-registration) of non-AOP Kindergartens​​


Child care centre key user account

A key user is the person authorised by the child care centre to have access to all modules in Child Care Link.

Apply for or log into a Centre Key User Account

Download the Manual for Key User for instructions on how to access the records of the centre as well as submit returns on the ce​ntre's behalf, as well as details on the OSP scheme and on-line application procedures.

Download Manual for Key User


VWO Account (Open Selection Process and Cyclical Maintenance)​​

The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) plans and develops community-based child care centres. ECDA will identify suitable HDB void deck premises and invite proposals from eligible organisations through Open Selection Process (OSP) to operate the premises as a community service.

A VWO account is also required in order to apply for Cyclical Maintenance grants. 

Apply for or log into a VWO Account

Download the Open Selection Process Manual to view the criteria for Selection of Service Provider for Child and Student Care Centre.

Criteria for a successful open selection​​​​​​

Information updated as at May 2018

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