​​Teacher Certification​​

To be certified as a teacher or educarer in kindergartens and childcare centres in Singapore, you must meet the professional, academic and language requirements1 of the respectiv​e certi​fication category.

The teacher certification levels indicate the age group of children you can be deployed to teach. For more information on the different categories, please refer to the Requirements for Teacher Certification​ Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification Application​ ​

​Application can be submitted by a childcare centre or a kindergarten. If you currently own an ONE@ECDA account, you can also submit the application on your own. Upon ECDA’s approval, you will be issued with a Letter of Notification that states your certification level(s).

If you possess local Early Childhood Qualification, please click ​​​​he​re for more information on teacher certification.​ ​

If you possess foreign Early Childhood Qualification, please click here​ for more information on teacher certification.​ ​

1Other factors such as recency of qualifications, etc. may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Applying for Teacher Certification

1. How do I apply for teacher certification?

Applications for teacher certification can be submitted to the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) through the childcare centre/kin​dergarten at which you are currently employed.

2. What are the requirements for teacher certification?

In order to be certified by ECDA, applicants must meet the professional, academic and language requirements for the respective certification levels. Details of the requirements here . For applicants with foreign qualifications, their qualifications must be assessed as equivalent or exceeding ECDA’s requirements for teacher certification, and is subjected to ECDA’s periodic reviews.

3. How long does it take for a teacher certification application to be approved?

If a complete set of documents has been uploaded and everything is in order, it will generally take up to 14 working days for applications with Foreign Early Childhood qualification to be processed. For applications with Local Early Childhood qualification, it will generally take up to 7 working days. Centres and teachers will be notified of the outcome via email.  

Once the application is approved, a Letter of Notification will be uploaded in the teacher’s ONE@ECDA account.  

4. I have lost my Letter of Notification (LON). Where can I obtain a copy?

You may log in to your ONE@ECDA account using Singpass. Your LON can be found under the “Documents” tab.​

Using ONE@ECDA for Teacher Certification

5. How do I apply for access to ONE@ECDA as a teacher?

There is no need for teachers to sign up for an ONE@ECDA account. Your account will be created by ECDA when your centre/kindergarten submits your particulars to ECDA as part of licensing/registration requirements. You will receive a notification email when your account is set up.

6. I am the Centre Administrator. I have no access to ONE@ECDA. How do I apply for access?

Centres can complete and submit via https://go.gov.sg/oneecda-centreadmin​​​.

7. My Centre Administrator has left the centre. How do I terminate his/her access to ONE@ECDA?

To revoke a Centre Administrator’s account, centres can complete and submit via https://go.gov.sg/oneecda-centreadmin​​​​.

Other queries related to Teacher Certification

8. I have a query not found in this FAQ. Who I can write to? ​

You may send your query to teachermatters@ecda.gov.sg​​​​​​.

Information updated as at June ​2021

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