ECDA Practitioner Inquiry (PI) Grant

The ECDA Practitioner Inquiry (PI) Grant is a professional development initiative that seeks to engage practitioners in conducting inquiry. Necessary training and an inquiry framework are available to guide practitioners in reflecting, conceptualizing, implementing and evaluating actions plans for issues they have identified in their classroom/centre teaching-learning practices.​ Training is available to support practitioners with the necessary knowledge and skills in carrying out an inquiry in the classroom/centre. Prior to applying for the PI Grant, the main applicant and/or the team members will have to ensure that they have attended either An Overview of PI for EC Educators (formerly known as PI Grant Sharing) or Practitioner Inquiry in Early Childhood Education (PIECE) workshop or ECDA-organised workshops related to PI (e.g. Action Research in the Early Childhood Classroom workshop). 

Registrations for An Overview of PI for EC Educators and PIECE workshop are now open and interested practitioners can register through ONE@ECDA. Choose only one from the following sessions:​




Session Date(s)

Registration Closing Date


An Overview of PI for EC Educators* 


18 April 2018

4 April 2018


Practitioner Inquiry in Early Childhood Education (PIECE) workshop


24 April &  
15 May 2018

24 March 2018


*New Blended Learning course where pre-course readings will be provided to reduce practitioners’ time out of the centre. 

Funding support from ECDA will be provided for successful applicants of the PI Grant. For classroom-based PI project, ECDA subsidises up to 90% of the total cost of the approved project, subject to a maximum of S$1,000 per project and grant recipients are required to co-pay 10% of the cost of the approved project. For centre-wide PI project, ECDA subsidises up to 90% or 95% of the total cost of the approved project, subject to a maximum of S$4,000 per project and grant recipients are required to co-pay 10% of the cost of the approved project (5% co-payment for SPARK-certified centres).        

At the end of the PI project, practitioners will submit the following Project Deliverables: 1.      Final report using the guidelines provided   2.      Any other forms of documentation (e.g. video clips, photos, lesson plans, etc), 3. A final expenditure form with supporting documents (e.g. original/ certified true copies of receipts, payment vouchers, etc).

We encourage practitioners to share with other educators, the inquiry process as well as action plans and strategies that have worked well for them. We may also invite practitioners to share their PI projects at ECDA-organised platforms (e.g. Professional Learning Communities, ECDA EC Conference, etc).

PI Grant Application: All ECDA-certified educarers, teachers or centre leaders who are currently employed in ECDA-registered pre-schools can apply for the PI Grant. Applications will open on 3 April 2018. Click here for the application form.   

There are 2 PI Grant cycles in 2018 and the respective application periods are as follows: 


Application Period


23 January to 9 March 2018


3 April to 18 May 2018

For more information on PI Grant, please contact​.

​Information updated as at 28 March 2018

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