Leadership Development Framework (LDF)

The Leadership Development Framework (LDF) has been developed to support both aspiring and existing leaders. The transition from a teaching role to a leadership role means an expansion of job scope beyond teaching and learning, which can be exciting and rewarding. The LDF will guide aspiring leaders to acquire leadership competencies in a progressive and holistic manner. It will also support existing leaders to keep learning and deepening their skills.

Through this LDF guide, you will learn about the:

Desired Attributes for EC leaders;
• Clusters of leadership competencies for Centre Leaders; and
Training roadmap for Centre Leaders

For a start, ECDA is applying the LDF to the Centre Leader role before expanding it to other leadership roles. We hope the LDF will be a useful tool in your journey as a Centre Leader!

Please click on the image below to download a copy of the LDF guide.

Useful Websites and Resources

Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Leade​rship (ADECL)
Keen to start your leadership journey? Find out how the ADECL prepare Senior Preschool Educators for the role of centre leadership!

Professional Development Programme for Leaders / PDP(L) website
Find out how the PDP(L) offers Centre Leaders and Lead Teacher opportunities to broaden perspectives, deepen knowledge and hone competencies in areas of professional interest.

Leadership Series, Senior Teacher Series and Executive Leadership Suite Series
Check out these courses that are specially curated for you. Revisit your understanding of leadership, reflect on your leadership practices and learn practical tips that can be put into practice immediately. Understand the important association between teachers’ learning and children’s learning, support a learning culture within your centres and build a sense of fraternity among your fellow EC leaders.

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