The Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) Educarers’ Guide


In consultation with Early Childhood educators and experts, ECDA has developed an Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) Educarers’ Guide  which comprises best practices, activities and tips on child development for the early years.

·   The Guide is specially written for educarers’ use.

·   It includes the theories behind the suggested practices and their relevance in supporting
     children’s development.

·   It also provides practical tips and activities that you can carry out with the children during your
    daily interactions with them.

Educarers are encouraged to make good use of the guide to reflect and improve on our own practices. Centre Leaders can also refer to it when leading your teams in professional discussions.

As you use the guide, we hope you can give us your feedback, so that we can continue to shape, enhance and improve this guide for the benefit of your children.

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