Early Childhood Teacher Training Courses

​The quality and standards of care, development and learning are determined by the quality of training received by early childhood teachers.  Teachers with specialised training in child development are able to create a warm and conducive learning environment to develop children’s social and emotional competencies and nurture their love for learning. 

ECDA supports a number of professional training courses designed to equip trainees with the knowledge and skills to become effective facilitators in the classroom.  The course that you choose will depend on your qualifications, experience and the age group of children you would like to work with.​​

For those who wish to work with children 18 months – 6 years
For those who wish to work with children 18 months – 4 years
For those who wish to work with children 2 months – 3 years
For those who wish to work with children 2 months – 18 months
For those who possess a Polytechnic Diploma or Degree​
For those who wish to be a Centre Leader
For those who wish to
 be an Assistant Educarer​


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    Does ECDA only recognise training programmes offered by ECDA accredited 
       training agencies?

       If you intend to embark on a local certificate or diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education, you
       should attend an ECDA-recognised certificate or diploma programme 
conducted at the Institute of
       Technical Education, Polytechnics or ECDA accredited training agencies. You may view the list of
       accredited programmes 
here .

2.  What kind of funding is available for the courses?    

      The SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) provides Singaporeans and Permanent Residents with subsidies
      for programmes accredited under the Singapore Skills Framework. Singaporeans and Permanent
      Residents also enjoy subsidised fees at local Polytechnics. For more information of the
      programmes fees, please contact the training agencies or polytechnics of your choice.

3.  I would like to embark on the part-time Diploma in Early Childhood Care and 
     Education–Teaching (DECCE-T) at the local Polytechnic but I do not have 5 GCE ‘O’ 
     level credits. What can I do?

     Applicants who possess a Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education (CECCE) or WSQ       
     Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education (ACECCE) and a credit in 
     level English (or acceptable alternatives) can apply to the CET DECCE-T 
programme offered by
     Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic. CECCE/WSQ 
ACECCE applicants will be required
     to complete and pass three pre-requisite modules 
under Certificate in Introduction to Early Care and 
     Education before being accepted into the DECCE-T programme.

     For more details on course content and application procedures, please refer to these websites:     

         i.        Ngee Ann Polytechnic –

        ii.        Temasek Polytechnic- 

                   https://www.tp.edu.sg/courses/part-time-courses/industry/education/early-childhood-care-and-education-teaching       ​​

 4.  Is there a list of Degrees which ECDA recognises?

      ECDA does not accredit nor recognise early childhood degree or master programmes as the 
      highest qualification required to be certified as a preschool teacher in Singapore is the Diploma
      in Early Childhood Care & Education – Teaching / WSQ Professional Diploma in Early
      Childhood Care and Education (WSQ PDECCE) or equivalent.​ 

5.   Can I work part-time in any of the preschools as a trial to find out if I am suitable to be a
      preschool teacher?

      As part of the Adapt and Grow initiative to help Singapore citizens adapt to changing job demands
      and enhance their employability, Work Trial has been enhanced to allow employers and individuals
      to better assess job fit across various sectors, including the Early Childhood sector. The Work Trial
      is part of the suite of career services offered by Workforce Singapore (WSG) and Employment and
      Employability Institute (NTUC’s e2i). For more information, please kindly contact WSG’s Careers
      Contact at 6883 5885 or NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) centres at
      6474 0606. 

6.   Where can I find more information about being a kindergarten teacher, child care teacher or
     preschool teacher? 

     Kindergarten teachers, child care teachers and preschool teachers are also referred to as early
     childhood educators. More information about being an early childhood (EC) educator, such as the
     qualities of an EC educator, the careers in early childhood, the types of support available, can be
     found here​.

Information updated as at 24 August 2018


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