​Continuing Professional Development​ 

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Masterplan1​​​ for the early childhood (EC) sector includes the provision of CPD courses which aim to raise the quality and professional experience of EC educators. 

ECDA strongly recommends that all EC educators complete at least 20 hours of CPD per year. You can choose to attend CPD courses or participate in Professional Development (PD) programmes and initiatives  organised by ECDA. You can also consider other modes of PD. Some examples are web-based learning, learning journeys and sharing sessions amongst peers.​

CPD Prospectus

The CPD Prospectus is updated quarterly to support you in planning for your PD. It provides information on CPD courses for Educarers, Teachers and Centre Leaders, aligned to the Skills Framework for Early Childhood.

Download a copy of the latest update of Prospectus 2022 her​e .

Click here​  ​ for Updated List of Courses!


​ONE@ECDA is an online platform that allows you to register for CPD courses. You will rec​eive e-certificates for successfully completed courses via your individual account. You can also monitor your participation in​ CPD activities through your CPD portfolio on ONE@ECDA.​

For information on the quick guides and resources, please visit www.one.ecda.gov.sg.​​

Mentoring Matters: A Practical Guide to Learning-Focused Relationships​

​​This guide is for you to implement and benefit from effective and sustainable mentoring.

You will find within the guide useful information on the different types of mentoring, the roles of both mentor and mentee, and a structured mentoring process.

The mentoring model provides you with a foundation to develop centre-specific resources and ensure a high quality mentoring programme.

Download a copy of the Mentoring Guide here​.​

2ECDA-initiated professional development programmes include Networked Learning Communities, projects under the Innovation Guidance, Innovation Grant, and Practitioner Inquiry Grant.

For information on Innovation Grant go to:

For information on Practitioner Inquiry Grant go to:​https://www.ecda.gov.sg/growatbeanstalk/Pages/ArticleDetail.aspx?type=5&articleid=178#.Vuu97nqqqko​​

Information updated as at March 2022​

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