The ADECL is designed to prepare Senior Pre-school Teachers for the role of centre leadership. It is a part-time programme offered by Temasek Polytechnic (TP) and Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP), and there are two intakes a year (April and October). 

Early childhood (EC) educators may select one of the following options to enrol1:

1.     Option A: ADECL Full Qualification

2.     Option B : Modularised Structure

Successful ADECL (Full Qualification) candidates may apply for the SkillsFuture Study Awards (SFSA) for EC Sector. To find out more about the SkillsFuture Study Award for EC Sector, click h​ere.​

     1Further information on options to enrol can be found under 'Programme Details'.


The ADECL aims to enable candidates to:

  1. Evaluate issues and practices in early childhood services 

  2. Reflect on one's personal philosophy, values and beliefs and formulate strategic/organisational
      goals to meet the needs and aspirations of the centre, families and community stakeholders 

  3. Lead in the review, planning and implementation of the curriculum for the holistic development of

  4. Build a culture of collaboration and continuing professional development through leading and      
      managing early childhood educators in their practice, professional development and 

  5. Lead in establishing strategic partnerships with stakeholders

  6. Manage centre operations, including Human Resource Management (HRM) matters, industry      
      regulations and crisis management​



Option A: ADECL Full Qualification

Option B: Modularised Structure

• Be ECDA-certified as a Level 2 pre-school 

• Have completed an ECDA-recognised     
  diploma in early childhood care and 

• Have met the competency level for Senior
  Pre-school Teacher 
  (with reference to the Skills Map3​)​

• Have completed the pre-requisite core 
  course(s) as identified and offered by 

• Be ECDA-certified as a Level 2 pre-school  

• Have completed an ECDA-
diploma in early childhood care

• Have at least 3 years of trained teaching

  2The list of ECDA-recognised diplomas in early childhood care and education will be determined by ECDA, and will be subjected to review periodically.  Some examples of current ECDA-recognised diplomas in early childhood care and education are​:    ​​

   ​1.     Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education – Teaching (DECCE-T)

   2.    Diploma in Child Psychology & Early Education (CPEE)

   3.    Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECH)

   4.    Diploma in Preschool Education – Teaching & Leadership (DPE- T&L)

   5.    Specialist Diploma in Preschool Education (SDPE)

   6.    Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (SDECCE)

   7.    Diploma in Early Childhood Studies (ECS)

   8.    Diploma in Psychology Studies with Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching

   9.    Diploma (Conversion) in Kindergarten Education Teaching (NVKET)

  10.   Advanced Diploma in Kindergarten Education Teaching (ADKET)

  11.   Diploma in Early Childhood Studies (SIM)

  12.   Diploma in Early Years Teaching

  13.   WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (WSQ PDECCE)

  14.  WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (Childcare)​ (WSQ (PDECCECC)

  15.   Diploma in Preschool Education - Teaching (DPE-T)

      3The Skills Map is part of the Skills Framework for Early Childhood Care and Education (SF for ECCE) skills for Senior Pre-school Teacher in the Skills Map are found on pages 6 to 9 of the Official ADECL nomination form .​

   4The pre-requisite core course for 6th intake in October 2018 is ‘Mentoring for Professional Growth (LMAMFPG17E)’. This course was previously known as ‘Mentoring for Success (LMAMNFS14E)’. Details of this course may be found in the CPD Prospectus and ONE@ECDA.

    5The number of years of trained teaching experience will be calculated from the date of the applicant is conferred or awarded the ECDA-recognised diploma in early childhood care and education. All trained teaching experience has to be within the Early Childhood ​sector.




Option A: ADECL Full ​Qualification

Option B : Modularised Structure

Target Group

Experienced teachers keen to obtain a full qualification in EC leadership, to become Centre Leaders.

Experienced teachers keen on learning about fundamentals of EC leadership through a modular course.


·  ​Enrolment into the full ADECL programme to complete all 3 Post-Diploma Certificates (PDCs).

·  ​​A Certificate, issued by the respective polytechnic, will be awarded upon successful completion of each PDC

·   Upon successful completion of the 3 PDCs within the 3-year maximum candidature period, the candidate will be conferred the ADECL by the respective polytechnic.

·   Enrolment into PDC 1 as a 
     Continuing Professional 
     Development (CPD) 

·   Conferment of the PDC in Fundamentals of Early Childhood Leadership upon successful completion of PDC 1.

 ·   Upon completion of PDC 1, those who wish to complete the full ADECL will have to meet the eligibility criteria for the ADECL Full Qualification (Option A) and be nominated for the ADECL.

·   ​After being admitted into the ADECL programme, candidates would have to complete PDCs 2 and 3 within 3 
years at the same polytechnic.


850 hours

180 hours for PDC1

Mode of Application

By nomination only.

All Option A applicants must be nominated.


Online application at selected  polytechnic's website only. 

No nomination is required for PDC 1 as CPD. Nomination is only required when candidates decide to enroll in the ADECL full qualification upon completion of PDC 1.


Refer to attachment for further information on ADECL PDCs  .​ 


Option A: ADECL Full Qualification

The nomination period for the 6th intake of the ADECL (commencing October 2018) has closed. 

All successful nominees will be notified by mid-July 2018 to apply to the respective polytechnics of choice. 

Further details on the nomination/application period for the 7th intake of the ADECL (commencing April 2019) will be released in the 4th quarter of 2018). 

For queries regarding nomination/application for the ADECL, please email ​

More information about the course structure and fees can be found at the polytechnics’ websites: ​ 





Temasek Polytechnic

Course information 


Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Course information ​

Option B: Modularised Structure

The application period for the Post-Diploma Certificate (PDC) in Fundamentals in Early Childhood Leadership (PDC 1 of the ADECL) as a CPD course are as follows:  



Tentative PDC1 application dates (modularised structure) 



Ngee Ann Polytechnic

mid Jun 2018 to mid-July 2018



Temasek Polytechnic

30 April 2018 to 24 June 2018​

​​​​Vacancies for candidates to pursue the PDC in Fundamentals of Early Childhood Leadership as a CPD course are subject to availability, and will be based on the demand for full enrolment into the ADECT and ADECL programmes.​​


Information updated as at 26 June 2018​​
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